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Mounting and detaching Helicon FB Tube


Helicon FB Tube has the same mount as the lens. Detach the lens from camera, attach Helicon FB Tube, then attach lens to Helicon FB Tube. Make sure that both the tube and the lens are properly locked.


Camera and lens settings


The general algorithm of using Helicon FB Tube on both Canon and Nikon cameras is as follows:

  • Adjust the camera settings
  • Configure the Helicon FB Tube using the Configuration utility
  • Shoot the stack

Possible camera and lens configurations:

Nikon Canon:
Configuration 1
Configuration 2
Configuration 3
Lens type Manual focusing, any supported lens Using camera AF,
any supported lens
Manual focusing,
recent Canon lens only
Manual focusing,
any supported lens
Lens AF Switch AF AF M AF
Live View mode ON, OFF ON, OFF ON, OFF OFF
Camera focusing mode M AF - one shot n/a AI Servo
Camera drive mode Burst mode Continuous Continuous Continuous
'Suppress focus' option in the Configuration Utility n/a unchecked unchecked checked

After all the adjustments have been made, press the shutter button and hold it down to shoot a series of shots. Focus will shift by a configured step after each frame.

Configuring Helicon FB Tube settings


When used for the first time Helicon FB Tube settings are to be configured.

Configuration process includes setting of the step by which the focus will be shifted after each shot and the shooting direction (towards camera or towards infinity) in the Configuration Utility. The step is measured in arbitrary units.

To configure the Helicon FB Tube please follow these steps:

  • Download and install Configuration Utility for Android or iOS. Or search for 'Helicon FB Tube' in Google Play or App Store
  • Insert IR Transmitter (or connect the transmitter via the extension cable) into the 3.5 mm headphones output of your device
  • Set IR Transmitter close to the receiver on Helicon FB Tube. For reliable transmission the distance should not exceed 5 mm
  • Set the required parameters (camera, lens, aperture) in the Configuration Utility
  • Press the Send button. The configuration is considered to be successful if the LED indicator blinks green
  • Once it’s done press the Stop button in the configuration utility.


Helicon FB Tube stores separate set of parameters for the 5 most recently used lenses. If you’re using one of the five most recently used lenses, there’s no need to configure the Helicon FB Tube again, unless you need to change the configuration parameters.


Firmware Update:


In order to update firmware in the Helicon FB Tube please follow these steps:

  • Run the Configuration Utility
  • Go to Settings\Update firmware to check the list of available firmware versions with descriptions (eg, fixed errors, supported cameras etc.)
  • Select the latest firmware version, position IR Transmitter as for configuration and press Send button
  • Wait for 2-3 minutes. Configuration Utility sends firmware split into several blocks. Helicon FB Tube blinks with green LED when new block is received
  • Wait till green LED is constantly green which means that firmware is updated
  • Restart Helicon FB Tube: turn off the camera and take the battery out for several seconds, then turn the camera on

If LED indicator does not blink at all – please check that the media volume level on your device is set to its maximum. Also please make sure that the transmitter and the receiver are brought close and kept aligned.


Handling Cautions


  • Make sure that the rear end of the lens is covered with the cap every time it is taken off the camera in order to avoid soiling and scratching.
  • Make sure that the Helicon FB Tube is protected with caps in order to prevent dusting and damaging of contacts.
  • Do not apply excessive force to the lens or the camera. This may damage the tube.
  • Be cautious with heavy lenses. Use lens mount to minimize load on the tube mount.


LED Signals


When camera is shooting a stack green - focusing command sent to lens red - error
When configuring tube with Utility green - block of configuration settings received
LED stops flashing green - new configuration applied
red - transmission error
When updating firmware with Utility green - new block of firmware received
continuous green - firmware updated
red - error
When turning the camera on green - firmware started


In order to configure Helicon FB Tube please install the Configuration Utility on your Android or iOS device.


Please download the Helicon FB Tube Configuration Utility from Google Play.


ios remoteHelicon FB Tube Configuration Utility for iOS devices is available on the App Store.